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Challenge For All Stars
Universal "Match The Feature" challenge for Challenge For All Stars
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Challenge For All Stars is a Challenge for EVERYONE

(Volunteer for just ONE Challenge OR even more, the Choice is YOURS)
ANYONE on SingSnap can Host a Challenge For All Stars
Give it a TRY, we are not asking for any commitments or long term obligations to continue hosting
Simply Loving Volunteers to help us fill in wherever there are openings
Variety is the Spice of Life

Here's All there is to it....
This Get's
THIS Get's Posted FIRST (once you are cetain that nobody is going to host a new theme)

Topic Title: Challenge For All Stars XXX
(XXX = whichever challenge Number You are hosting)
(Please be careful with the Correct Name. Once it is posted, it can NOT be edited or changed.  This is the name that folks look for.
Challenge For All Stars
(Name Recognition IS Important)

(Copy and Paste the following)


[B]Welcome To Challenge For All Stars...Where Everyone Who Sings Is A Star...[/B]

At the beginning of each challenge, the host will post a theme... You are asked to sing a song based on that theme... Plus there might be a Mini-Challenge and/or Duet Challenge..
[color=red][b]This is NOT a Contest.[/b][/color] It is simply a Challenge to sing a song based on a specific theme.

Depending on the wishes of the host, you might be asked to record a fresh track or perhaps post one from your archives...

Once you have recorded your song, just come and post the link on the board...


The object of this challenge is to share songs and develop friendships.

JUST A REMINDER...Even though we are adults who sing and post on this board.. We do need to remember that we need to adhere to Sing Snap's Forum Rules... So please keep that in mind, especially when posting pictures...


Challenge for All Stars would like to clarify a few points regarding the Challenge, its Hosts, and the Themes posted by the Hosts. DUTIES OF THE HOST: The duties of the Host are to develop a Theme for the day's Challenge, to listen to and bookmark the songs posted to that day's Challenge, and to MODERATE the BOARD for anything that would go AGAINST the FORUM BOARD RULES as stated by SINGSNAP. The DUTIES OF THE HOST DO NOT include moderating any DISPUTES that may occur between adults who visit the challenge. We would hope that Challenge members remember that they are Adults and CONDUCT themselves as such. We back up our Hosts 100 percent as to the Themes they post to the board. We would also hope that visitors to our Challenge respect the hard work that our VOLUNTEER Hosts put in for this Challenge. THANK YOU....SING ON
Post It!

You are now ready to Post the Universal "Match The Feature" Challenge

(Copy and Paste the following)

[b]Welcome to Challenge For All Stars XXX[/b]

[color=tomato][b]Challenge For All Stars are needing volunteers to help host challenges[/b][/color]
but we are taking it...

If you have never hosted a challenge, it's really not that difficult. BrotherGary has created a web page that will help you on getting it started.
[url=]How to Host a Challenge[/url]

A Challenge is simply a challenge to try a song which qualifies for a particular theme.

[b]Now onto Today's Challenge[/b] (will run until 6:00PM Sing Snap time)

[b]Match the Feature[/b]
Simply sing a song which qualifies for the current [url=]Sing Snap Feature Page[/url] and share it with us here.
[color=red][b]This way, you get the best of both worlds.[/b][/color]

[b]For this Challenge[/b],
Preferably do a Fresh Recording, or simply post a pre-record of any of the songs that qualify for Today's Sing Snap Feature Page.
[b]Note The Time[/b] - At midnight the Feature Page Changes, therefore Our Theme changes accordingly as well.

[b]PLEASE post the Song Title[/b] along with your link. Otherwise Carol will have no idea what the song title is as she updates the song list for us.

This is a Universal Backup Challenge, since nobody posted a new theme by 7:00PM,
therefore, there will be NO Book Marking on this Challenge, and technically, no Official Host.
[color=red][b]Don't forget to listen and comment on at least 3 songs for every song you post.[/b][/color]

[b]Now Let's SING and Have Some FUN![/b]

Post It!

AFTER posting your theme
Please go back to the Previous Challenge For All Stars and post a link to the New Challenge
Declare the Previous Challenge OFFICIALLY Closed
Otherwise, folks will continue posting songs in the previous challenge and they will not know that the Next Challenge has begun.


Challenge For All Stars 208 is now posted.

This Challenge is Officially Closed

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