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Challenge For All Stars #331
Hosted by saphire36305

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saphire36305 & manyvoices
saphire36305 & soaringhawke
Carol4Jesus & BrotherGary
Carol4Jesus & Luv2sing
Carol4Jesus & MsRandee
KrazyKaren & VeeCee53
Mr_Smoocher & VeeCee53
VeeCee53 & KrazyKaren
cheryliana & mgsacto
Ruthe4401 & Wanger

Ruthe4401 & Dodgeram
Ruthe4401 & Merv
Ruthe4401 & KC-Lane
Ruthe4401 & Wanger
YankeeRebel & kevin
RoughDiamond & Starflower
RoughDiamond & Starflower
RoughDiamond & Cazza_11
Grany & RoughDiamond
CanadaBlonde & Sum_Southern_Sugar

CanadaBlonde & milesofborg
Bjay1956 & CanadaBlonde
cherdelightful & dragon546
cherdelightful & Thumperll
CanadaBlonde & Carol4Jesus
cherdelightful & jimmybo61
BrotherGary & Carol4Jesus
Lilly & Carol4Jesus
Lilly & Carol4Jesus
George-III & Carol4Jesus

cheryliana & ImJimBob
cheryliana & mgsacto
RonnieDm & Cathlyn
Atlanta-boy & jjbattle8
jammer & MALEVANS
man4allseasons59 & Sharmaine
countrymusicluv & musicmeister57
allcountry & Poppy
singingsister57 & johnnyo

singingsister57 & johnnyo
singingsister57 & johnnyo
singingsister57 & johnnyo
singingsister57 & stinger381
singingsister57 & stinger381
singingsister57 & stinger381
tunecke & Foggy65
katten_Tusse & trevor
cheryliana & dodge70769
cheryliana & KerJ

katten_Tusse & desduk
Whiskey Lullaby
A Christmas to Remember
Do Lord
Bad Moon Rising
If I Needed You
Do-re-mi - "Sound Of Music"
Never My Love
Silent Night/a>
Baby It's Cold Outside
One Hundred And Two

Whiskey Lullaby
If You Could Read My Mind
One By One
Hawaiian Wedding Song
Do You Hear What I Hear?
Silver Bells
Jingle Bell Rock
Winter Wonderland
Whiskey Lullaby

(If Paradise Is) Half As Nice
Do You Hear What I Hear?
I Want To Spend My Lifetime
Whenever You Come Around
Silent Night
Leather & Lace
Do-re-mi - "Sound Of Music"
Sweet Hour Of Prayer
If I Needed You
What A Friend We Have In Jesus

Ferry 'cross The Mersey
Helplessly Hoping
September When It Comes
Unchained Melody
Let's Make Love
Let's Make Love
Does He Love You

Let's Make Love
We've Got Tonight
Open Arms
Music of the Night
The Closer I Get to You
Islands in the Stream
Silent Night
Sometimes When We Touch
Almost Paradise
Sail Away

Goodness Gracius Me

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Challenge For All Stars #331

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