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Updated March 17, 2013

BrotherGary is Proud to make available to Everyone on SingSnap

BrotherGary's Custom CSS Styles
For use on your Recordings or on your Profile

These have NO button images

These designs use default fonts "Trebuchet MS", Helvetica, Verdana, "Arial Narrow" & sans-serif
Both Headers & Footers have been removed to make your pages look much nicer & more personal.
All standard background colors have been removed from the internal tables,
so if you decide to include your own background images, they will look really nice.
(Even if you choose a totally white background, the comment & rating boxes will look really sharp with no background)
Other cool features include: The removal of that ugly blue word GOLD next to all Gold Member's Names.
Gold member's "Away Messages" will no longer be seen on your recordings.

All styles now include BrotherGary's Special Unique Features
designed Specifically for your Profiles or your Recordings. These Special Unique Features are:
On Profile pages, the TOP 2 Tab Links have been Eliminated (The Go Back Link & the Profile Link)
BrotherGary doesn't believe that these two links are neccessary on the Profile Pages
Why have a link to your Profile when it is currently being viewed?
Why have a Go Back link when every browser already has a Go Back button?
On Recording Pages, the row of Sub Menu links have been Eliminated.
BrotherGary doesn't believe that these links are neccessary on the Recording Pages.
(They can be found on Any Other SingSnap page and they have nothing to do with any of OUR Personal Pages)
The background colors on playlist banner is now transparent, to blend-in nicely with your page design

(when Gold members are viewing your recordings on a playlist)
New! CSS code has been added which will allow you to Add a Border on ANY individual page
(Borders will be solid, the same color as the text, and can range from 1px to 20px)

To use BrotherGary's CSS Styles
Click one of these two links:

Style codes for Recordings (Do NOT use on Profiles)
Style codes for Profiles (Do NOT use on Recordings)

(also includes instructions on How to Add Your Own Banner at the Top of any of your pages and/or add a border)

Any questions? Contact BrotherGary on SingSnap
Click Here to send me a Private Message on SingSnap